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Issues Monitoring and Research

How comfortable are you with your investees, suppliers and partners?

The supplier ‘social code of conduct’ audit usually finds well briefed employees, smart documents and a fine dinner. There are better ways to get assurance, including InvestAssure.

Supply Chain Management

Training and Capacity Building

How can you improve the reliability and efficiency of suppliers and partners?

SourceAsia places training in the context of change management, focusing on improved communications between managers and workers.

Can you assure your customers of the integrity of your supply chain?

SourceAsia helps you assess your risks and balance your management approach across source minimisation, procurement management and contingency planning.

NGO Engagement

What’s shaping the market place? What are the timescales and trends? What are the business implications?

SourceAsia can provide you with on-the-ground interpretation and insights, using contacts with NGOs, universities and government, as well as its own network of specialists.

Business Risk Assessment

How significant a risk is corporate responsibility in your business portfolio and future plans in China and Asia?

SourceAsia  can help you to identify where your business risks lie, determine what you can you do about it and prioritise your investment and management options.

Business Partner Assurance

SourceAsia offers a package of corporate responsibility focused services which can be tailored to help with the planning, management and monitoring of business links with China and elsewhere in Asia.


What do you know about Asian NGOs, their importance, agenda and activities? Do you know how they can actually help your business plans and communicate with other stakeholders?

SourceAsia’s network knows who’s who, we can walk you through the jungle, facilitate introductions and act on your behalf to optimise benefits to your business.


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Corporate Responsibility

Risk Management

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Internet Monitoring using InvestAssure

Due diligence, audit programmes and training can only go so far. How can you get real-time feedback on poor performers?

InvestAssure is an ethical radar, to detect and assess internet allegations and reports of  environmental damage, human rights violations, poor treatment of workers, gross corruption and other unethical corporate practices, in Asia.

The UN Principles for Responsible Investment provide a range of possible actions for incorporating environmental, social and governance issues into investment decision-making and management.

SourceAsia’s range of services, particularly InvestAssure, can be tailored to support your adoption and implementation of these principles.

Implementing the UNPRI

An investor initiative in partnership with UNEP FI and the UN Global Compact