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SourceAsia is based in Oxford, UK and run by Paul Wenman who has over 25 years of experience in the field of corporate responsibility 19 years with global consultancies ERM and Ernst & Young. He has worked worldwide and was based in Hong Kong for 3 years.

We use a network of leading practitioners to deliver a multi-disciplinary capability, covering:

 Environmental, health and safety issues

 Human resources and social issues

 Legal requirements and business ethics

 Procurement and supply chain management

 Factory productivity

 Business risk management.

We have key partnerships with:

 Pacific Risk Advisors aim to enhance the overall performance and value of a company or fund through reduction of non financial risks.

 CSR China provides a web service to support CSR development programmes for businesses in China.

 SynTao provides research and analysis to support responsible business investment.

 Institute for Contemporary Observation is dedicated to labour development and are involved in research, labour rights advocacy, social responsibility consultation, education and training and legal aid.

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