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SourceAsia Ltd, in association with CSR China Ltd, won a contract for the ethical screening of Asian companies in the Norwegian Government Pension Fund.

The purpose of the contract is to monitor and verify reports on the internet to identify any companies in the portfolio that may be involved in:


 Human rights violations

 Non-compliance with international labour standards

 Serious  breaches of individual rights in situations of war or conflict

 Environmental damage


 Violations of fundamental ethical norms


Paul Wenman, Founder and Managing Director of SourceAsia and CSR China, says: “We are very proud to be awarded this prestigious contract and look forward to working on this important assignment over the next four years with the Council on Ethics for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund.”


The work uses an automated web monitoring system, in conjunction with an extensive research network, to provide a regular alert service on any reported behaviour of companies which may contravene the ethical guidelines which govern the pension fund investments.


InvestAssure—Norwegian Pensions

SourceAsia monitoring Norwegian Government Pension Fund

SourceAsia and CSR China were contracted to use InvestAssure for ethical screening of Asian companies in the Norwegian Government Pension Fund

SourceAsia and CSR China can provide customized web monitoring of the companies in your investment portfolio or supply chain.

We use intelligent web search software to identify news reports from hundreds of key web sites and blogs in English, Chinese and Japanese. These reports are assessed for significance by topic experts and verified by our local research networks.

We maintain summaries of the reports on a dedicated database available for analysis, e-alerts and periodic reporting to meet your assurance needs.

InvestAssure is an ethical radar, a leading edge service to detect allegations of unethical practices, environmental damage, human rights violations and poor treatment of workers