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SourceAsia has been commissioned to use its InvestAssure service, to identify any incidents or allegations reported on the web which may be significant in the context of the criteria being applied by PRA for social and environmental reviews of potential investments by the Fund, i.e. compliance with:


 the Fund’s S&E Policy

 host country legal requirements

 IFC Performance Standards (PS) and EHS Guidelines.


The findings of our historical reviews (covering 3-5 years) provide valuable input to the core screening and due diligence process which is applied to each potential investment.


Any negative findings can be used to help focus audits and other investigations. These may be past incidents which resulted in real impacts (e.g. on human health or the environment), or they may be smaller accidents or allegations which are potentially indicative of poor management cultures, weak governance or ineffective operational controls.

InvestAssure—China-ASEAN Fund

InvestAssure screening China-ASEAN Fund investments

SourceAsia is supporting Pacific Risk Advisors (PRA) by using InvestAssure to screen investments by the China-ASEAN Fund, in relation to key Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

SourceAsia and CSR China can provide customized web monitoring of the companies in your investment portfolio or supply chain.

We use intelligent web search software to identify news reports from hundreds of key web sites and blogs in English, Chinese and Japanese. These reports are assessed for significance by topic experts and verified by our local research networks.

We maintain summaries of the reports on a dedicated database available for analysis, e-alerts and periodic reporting to meet your assurance needs.

InvestAssure is an ethical radar, a leading edge service to detect allegations of unethical practices, environmental damage, human rights violations and poor treatment of workers