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We monitor the web for report of incidents or allegations of illegal, unethical, environmentally damaging or socially irresponsible behaviour. We have been doing this since 2009.


We analysed our database for 2009-12


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• Over 1000 ‘alerts’ were sent to our clients, in relation to about 500 companies

• 65% of these alerts warranted action by our clients, in our view, e.g. further investigation, engagement or focused monitoring

• Nearly 15% of the Asian companies we track had at least 1 alert in 2 years. Over 10% of companies had 1 alert or more in 2010 alone.

• 50% of all alerts to our clients related to the Manufacturing sector

• 60% of manufacturing alerts came from Chemicals, IT and Metals; about 12% from Food and Beverage and 7% from Paper and Board

• 25% of alerts came from the Mining sector; two thirds of these were from Metals Mining, one third from Coal Mining

• Over 50% of all alerts came from China and 65% of significant alerts, i.e. warranting further action.

• Nearly 30% of alerts were related to Occupational Health and Safety, 25% to the Environment and 20% to Corruption, Fraud and Business Ethics. Only 7% of alerts related to Labour Conditions (note: many alerts related to multiple categories).


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InvestAssure analysis of 2 years of monitoring data reveals key patterns in ESG risks in Asia.

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SourceAsia and CSR China can provide customized web monitoring of the companies in your investment portfolio or supply chain.

We use intelligent web search software to identify news reports from hundreds of key web sites and blogs in English, Chinese and Japanese. These reports are assessed for significance by topic experts and verified by our local research networks.

We maintain summaries of the reports on a dedicated database available for analysis, e-alerts and periodic reporting to meet your assurance needs.

InvestAssure is an ethical radar, a leading edge service to detect allegations of unethical practices, environmental damage, human rights violations and poor treatment of workers

CSR China provides news updates, reviews and opinion on a range of issues relating to responsible business in China.