There are ethical risks to doing business in Asia.

If you are increasingly investing in or lending to companies in China and elsewhere in Asia, you are probably already aware of the higher reputational and other risks in relation to environmental, social governance (ESG) and other ethical issues.

But what can you do?

Due diligence, audit programmes and training can only go so far. If you are dealing with hundreds, let alone thousands, of Asian companies,  how do you get assurance that your risks are under control?

InvestAssure can help you.

We can support your risk control process through:

1. Customised web monitoring of  incidents and allegations relating to your portfolio

2. Assessment of the significance of web reports in relation to your core business risks framework

3. Validation of web reports by local follow-up research and investigation.

Intelligent internet search system.

We monitor hundreds of regional web sites and blogs in English, Chinese, Japanese and other languages, as well as national and international news agencies and publications, to identify reports of incidents and allegations of unethical corporate practices in Asia.

Experts assess significance

They are then added to our database and are available as e-alerts, for risk analyses), for due diligence checks or for customised reporting (by country, sector or topic) to meet your assurance needs.

Asian researchers validate

Using local knowledge and resources, we can undertake further research and investigations, e.g. local media reviews, confidential interviews with NGOs, communities and employees, site audits and data analyses.

InvestAssure is based in Oxford, UK, with business and research partners based regionally in Hong Kong, Beijing, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines.


For more information:

Paul Wenman, Oxford, UK


Tel:                +44 7720 416363


SourceAsia provides advice and support for responsible sourcing and investment in Asia, using a core group of experts and a wide research network across Asia-Pacific from India to New Zealand.

Pacific Risk Advisors aims to enhance the overall performance and value of a company or fund through managing and reducing non financial risks .

SynTao promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible investment (SRI) in China, by helping develop strategy, implement projects and enhance competitiveness.

CSR China provides research, corporate advice and training on responsible business practices in China. to improve supply chain productivity and reduce business risks.

InvestAssure uses a web scanning system to detect and assess internet allegations and reports of environmental damage, human rights violations, poor treatment of workers, gross corruption and other unethical corporate practices, in Asia.

This 4000 company database is available to investors and operations managers to manage emerging risks. It is also used to inform screening, due diligence and operational reviews.


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